The Virginia Beach 4-H Top Shooters club is a shooting education club with the intent to give young adults and kids the knowledge they need to be better marksman and better citizens.  Our 4-H certified instructors follow a 4-H approved course of instruction in each offered discipline.
One of the very first things our members learn is gun safety. Each member must know all of the club’s safety rules. We also teach every member all of the parts of a gun and how to clean one after shooting.
Currently our club teaches four disciplines:

  • Archery: Compound and Recurve
  • Rifle: 3 and 4 position BB, air and .22 rifles.
  • Pistol: air and .22 pistols.
  • Shotgun: Skeet, Trap, and Sporting Clays. We shoot 12 thru 28 gauge and .410 bore shotguns at skeet and 12 and 20 ga at trap and sporting clays.

When our club members demonstrate the required proficiency in a discipline, they are encouraged to enter local, state and even nationwide competitions, in all of the disciplines. Each member is encouraged to maintain a journal and is required to have a portfolio detailing his or her specific accomplishments. Portfolios are available from the “Resources” page.